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Anti-pollution mask for bikes
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Anti-pollution mask for bikes


The Frogmask anti-pollution bicycle mask filters out viruses, pollen, bacteria and fine particles linked to urban and seasonal pollution.

This mask works with FFP2 filters to be changed regularly according to your uses. 1 FFP2 filter is supplied with the mask.


Choosing the right size of anti-pollution mask

  • Women should take a size M.
  • For men please refer to the table below:


Choisir la taille de son masque antipollution


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Protection of cyclists against urban pollution

Cycling in the city to work, to shop or simply for pleasure is a source of satisfaction. It's good for your morale as well as your physical condition, as more and more studies are showing.

But pedalling on a "muscle bike" (a classic bike with no assistance other than your calves) or on an electrically assisted bike (EAB) requires a lot of breath... which does not go down well with the various types of pollution found in cities:

  • Air pollution
  • Car pollution
  • Pollen
  • Viruses

Large cities such as Paris, Marseille, Lyon, London and New York, to name but a few, are making more and more room for soft mobility. However, climate change, combined with human activities and the seasons, can make travelling by bike a delicate matter for your health.

In these conditions, the Frogmask anti-pollution mask effectively protects cyclists by filtering out all the fine particles that are harmful to health.

Comfortable, ultra-breathable anti-pollution mask

Made from 3D Mesh, the Frogmask pollution mask has a 5-ply FFP2 filter that filters out 94% of airborne particles.

With its Oeke-Tex certification and water-repellent technology, you can breathe easy all day long.

The Frogmask pollution mask is very comfortable to wear on a daily basis. The mask is held in place with a double strap fastening, ideal for bicycle and scooter helmet wearers.
It has two nosepieces to ensure a better seal and to make it easier to wear glasses.

The Frogmask is washable in the washing machine at 60°. The FFP2 filter supplied with the mask should be replaced every fortnight maximum. (More frequently when used in a COVID environment).

We also offer filter packs.

Hygienic and reusable mask

  • Ultra-breathable 3D Mesh support mask (410g/m2) 
  • Water repellent
  • Enamel-free
  • High abrasion resistance (70,000 dry and 30,000 wet MARTINDALE* cycles)
  • Oeke-Tex certified (without harmful substances)
  • 5-layer filter FFP2**: 94% filtration of particles down to 0.4 microns
  • Metal nosepieces on each filter and on the mask to ensure the best possible seal
  • Ultra-thin, rounded nosepiece to avoid piercing the bias during use and to facilitate the wearing of glasses
  • Double fastening: behind the ears and behind the head with velcro for an optimal fit especially for helmet wearers
  • Available in sizes M, L and XL (no size S possible as no S filter available)
  • 2 colours to choose from (black&white, blue) 
  • Can be used with all bicycle helmets and modular helmets)
  • 1 filter supplied with each mask (life span of about 15 days excluding washing)
  • Packs of 10 filters sold separately
  • Weight: mask 28g - filter 4g
  • Made in France

Anti-pollution mask for bicycles allows you to breathe better when travelling in the city

What are the advantages of the FROGMASK anti-smog bicycle mask?

Frogmask has developed an anti-pollution mask "made in France" that adapts to all urban travel. Whether you are on a bike, an electric bike (VAE), a scooter or even on foot, the anti-pollution mask becomes an essential ally that provides both comfort and protection.

In addition to air pollution, the COVID-19 health crisis has changed our habits and is pushing us to protect ourselves even more on a daily basis when we travel in the city.

Pollen allergy is also a reason to wear an anti-pollution mask. Every spring brings pollen, hay fever, allergies and asthma. The anti-pollen mask combats these allergic reactions by acting as a barrier.

Equipped with a 5-layer FFP2 filter, the Frogmask anti-pollution bike mask allows 94% filtration of fine particles up to 0.4 microns such as viruses and bacteria.

Wearing a mask on a daily basis is often uncomfortable. Frogmask has thought about this aspect and has equipped its mask with two rods ensuring a maximum airtightness of the respiratory tract and avoiding the formation of mist on your glasses. 

Water repellent, unglazed and resistant to abrasion, the anti-pollution bicycle mask adapts to every morphology. The double fastening around the ears and behind the head with an adjustable strap ensures optimum comfort and support. 

The mixed anti-pollution mask is available in three sizes (M, L and XL) and in two colours (black/white and blue)

Is the anti-pollution mask disposable?

The anti-pollution bicycle mask is not disposable. Made of 3D Mesh, an ultra-breathable fabric, you can easily wash it at 60°C in the washing machine.

Each anti-pollution mask comes with its own filter which must be changed every 15 days. Depending on the air pollution and the frequency of use, it is advisable to change the FFP2 filter more frequently than the average given.

For this purpose we sell FFP2 replacement filters in sets of 10 on our website.

Why wear a FROGMASK anti-pollution mask when cycling?

Every day, urban cyclists are confronted with pollution when they ride alongside motorists and motorcyclists.
The toxic particles emitted by these vehicles are harmful to the health of cyclists who are directly exposed to them.

The government has put in place several measures to combat pollution, including the air quality certificate known as "crit'air", which aims to favour the least polluting vehicles. Despite these measures, more and more French cities are affected by this scourge, which is now affecting small towns and endangers the health of pedestrians and cyclists.

Every day, cyclists share the road with cars but also with heavy goods vehicles that pollute the air. According to Citepa, trucks alone account for more than 7.9% of CO2 emissions. 

Frogmask anti-pollution bicycle masks are therefore essential for your daily journeys. Wearing them limits the inhalation of these particles and therefore allows you to move freely and more healthily.


An anti-pollution mask useful for commuter cyclists

The bicycle is being promoted as a solution to urban pollution. However, cyclists who ride in cities are the first to be exposed to this phenomenon, which is affecting more and more cities.

Cyclists, especially when using a bicycle, are more exposed to road traffic pollution than car drivers, who are protected by the passenger compartment of their vehicle.

Wearing an anti-pollution mask becomes vital to protect against the inhalation of these particles.

Frogmask designs durable products that allow the protection of users exposed daily to atmospheric pollutants. Equipped with a 5-layer FFP2 filter, the Frogmask allows for 94% filtration of fine particles down to 0.4 microns. 

Whether you are on a bike, motorbike, scooter or even on foot, the anti-pollution mask protects you from pollution and other air impurities.

Anti-pollution mask for cyclists who use their bikes to go to work in the city Anti-pollution mask for cyclists who use their bikes to go to work in the city




Mask for urban cyclists that filters PM10 and PM2.5 particles

Every day, we inhale between 10,000 and 20,000 litres of air depending on our morphology and activities! 

For several years, many cities have seen their PM2.5 concentration increase, such as Paris, Lyon and Marseille. Even small towns are no longer spared by this phenomenon.

The particles known as PM2.5 and PM10 are particles with a diameter of 2.5 μm and 10 μm (microns) respectively. The polluted air is largely composed of oxygen and nitrogen, natural pollutants and others resulting from human activities such as road traffic and the industrial sector.

To counter this phenomenon, the wearing of an anti-pollution mask is strongly recommended. Made in France and Oeke-Tex certified, the Frogmask protects city dwellers from inhaling these polluting particles.

Equipped with 5 thick filters, the anti-pollution mask offers 94% filtration of fine toxic particles down to 0.4 microns and allows city cyclists to cohabit with car drivers and motorcyclists while being protected.


Size of the micro particles that are filtered out by the bicycle pollution control mask
Source Airparif


Choosing the right size pollution control mask

Available in three sizes (M, L and X), the bike pollution mask fits all adult body shapes.

The choice of the size of the anti pollution mask depends on the weight of the person.

In 100% of cases, size M is for women.

Sizes L and XL are used for men, depending on their weight. If you are close to 80Kg, take a size XL.

Velcro fastener for bicycle pollution control mask Size guide to choose the right model for your body type

The Velcro fastening system allows the anti-pollution mask to be adjusted to the individual's morphology




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