OxiBrake. Bike brake sensor

OxiBrake. Bike brake sensor


OxiBrake is a braking detector that adapts to the brake lever of your bike.

Once OxiBrake is coupled with an OxiLum light set to red tail light, it becomes a complete brake warning system, 100% efficient and without equivalent on the market.

OxiBrake can also trigger a headlight flash when coupled with an OxiLum light and when the latter is set to white front light.


  Prize won at the Eurobike 2023 world bicycle show   Patented OxiBrake Overade innovation  
  Awarded at Eurobike 2023   Patented innovation  


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Bicycle brake sensor

OxiBrake is a device that slides onto the brake lever of your urban bike or electric scooter.

It allows you to determine mechanically when you are braking, and therefore that your deceleration is imminent. OxiBrake acts exactly like a car brake pedal!

Couple OxiBrake with an OxiLum light in red light mode and you have a quality brake warning system.

100% reliable brake sensor

The mechanical detection of the OxiBrake brake detector makes it simple and effective.

OxiBrake does not incorporate any accelerometers, which often fail to function properly (pavements, potholes, etc.).

OxiBrake relies on the best controller there is: YOU!

Headlamp call function

OxiBrake offers you an additional functionality that is very useful: the possibility of making a headlight call, as long as you have OxiLum lighting (in "white" mode) pointing forward in the direction of your travel.

See below for details on how to use this feature.

OxiBrake détecteur de freinage 100% fiable

What can I do with an OxiBrake alone?


OxiBrake Starter is a device that is inserted into an Oxi network and must be coupled to at least one OxiLum light (in red mode to make a brake warning, or in white mode to make a headlight call)

Can OxiBrake withstand the rain?

Absolutely! OxiBrake is, of course, designed to be weatherproof.

Nevertheless, we recommend that you remove the OxiBrake from your brake lever at night to protect it from the ravages of the weather... and from any thieves who might be interested in your detector!

Can my OxiBrake disrupt another cyclist's lighting?

No. Each Oxi network is unique. It may include many separate devices, but they are all linked together at each pairing to form a single "personal network".


Bike & scooter brake sensor

Contenu de OxiBrake détecteur de freinage Vue Oxibrake installé sur vélo urbain



Détecteur de freinage mis en place sur un vélo de ville OxiBrake installé sur un vélo de course



OxiBrake is a device that adapts to your bike's brake lever and detects your actual braking action, not an "estimated" one!

This technique offers reliable information, unlike solutions that rely on an accelerometer whose speed reduction detection system can be compromised by the quality of the road surface (e.g. cobblestones and other potholes).

OxiBrake fits the vast majority of urban bikes, road bikes, touring bikes, gravel bikes, cargo bikes and longtail bikes with brake lever thicknesses between 5 & 10 mm.


Create your own brake warning system with Oxi technology

Vue OxiBrake prêt à être installé sur un vélo Avertisseur de freinage vélo OxiBrake couplé à un éclairage de casque vélo OxiLum



Coupled with an OxiLum lighting system, the OxiBrake brake detector becomes a complete and highly efficient autonomous brake warning system.

The Oxi technology makes all compatible equipment interoperable after a mutual synchronization process (pairing) with no limit to the number of associated equipment.

Thus, it is possible to associate one or more OxiLum lights with the OxiBrake brake detector to create a brake warning system

If you want to maximize your visibility, you can couple the lever with a red Oxilum light positioned at the back of your bicycle helmet and complete it with an additional light, also red, which you can attach to the back end of your luggage rack, for example.

In the case of large bikes such as cargo bikes, delivery bikes or longtail bikes, you may want to complete your visibility with additional lighting (high or on the sides). No problem with the Oxi technology since you can associate up to 50 controlled lights with a single brake warning device!


Bicycle headlight function

Le détecteur de freinage peut également déclencher un appel de phare OxiBrake permet aussi de faire un appel de phare avant blanc à vélo



In addition to detecting your braking, OxiBrake also allows you to make a headlight call when coupled with OxiLum lighting set to white.

A brief press of a slightly protruding button on the OxiBrake brake sensor generates a powerful headlight call to warn oncoming traffic of your presence.

Our customers love this feature when they enter bike lanes against the flow of traffic at night. Simple and effective!

As you can see, Oxi allows you to add as many OxiLum lights set to white. Very useful in the case of cargo bikes with front storage.


OxiBrake Starter
A complete brake warning system to start with

For your information you can find the brake sensor in the OxiBrake Starter Pack. This starter pack includes :

  • An OxiBrake brake sensor
  • An OxiLum light with helmet holder
  • A USB charging cable
  • The OxiBrake & OxiLum devices in each pack are already paired. No pairing process is required for our Starter and Deluxe packs.


OxiBrake User Manual

You can download the documentation for the OxiBrake brake detector below.

It is possible to use the "headlight call" function with the OxiBrake brake detector when it is synchronized (paired) with a white-set OxiLum light. Once the two devices are synchronized and active a press of the OxiBrake button generates a powerful headlight call.



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Super produit

Super produit facile à installer sur poignée de frein, il fallait y penser !
Seul bémol, pas de fonction warning avec l'Oxiturn lors des freinages d'urgence.

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