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OxiLum. Helmet light for bikes and scooters
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OxiLum. Helmet light for bikes and scooters


The OxyLum bicycle and electric scooter helmet light allows you to see effectively in front of you thanks to its white light mode (fixed or flashing).


OxyLum also allows you to be seen from (very) far away with the red light mode with a luminosity that can reach 90 lumens (±5%)! The autonomy of OxyLum varies between 6h and 21h depending on the selected lighting mode, which gives you more than enough time to reach your destination safely.


OxyLum is attached to an urban bicycle helmet by nature but its complementary attachment system allows you to easily attach it to your handlebars in white light mode, a seat tube in rear light mode, the back of a trailer... your imagination will be your only limit!


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An amazingly effective helmet light for bicycles and electric scooters

OxiLum is a powerful light dedicated to users of soft mobility. OxiLum combines ease of use, practicality and performance.

  • Performance because the OxiLum light can diffuse a light of up to 100 lumens, which makes it one of the most powerful lights in its category.
  • Convenience because you can use multiple OxiLum lights to increase your visibility. One light at the front attached to your handlebars with "white light" mode and another at the back with "red light" mode.
  • Easy because your OxiLum lights turn on in 2 seconds

The power of the Oxi environment

Oxi is a new Overade innovation. Oxi is an eco-system that allows several Oxi-compatible products to communicate with each other and to react to commands sent by some of them.

For example, OxiLum can react to commands sent by the OxiBrake brake lever. You brake and your OxiLum helmet light automatically lights up to warn the users who are following you.

The Oxi environment therefore makes the products in the range interoperable. The possibilities for owners of the Oxi environment are going to be very rich. New compatible products are already being developed.

Features of the OxiLum bicycle helmet light

  • Front or back lighting - 8 lighting modes - up to 100 Lumens (±5%)
  • Lighting mode memory - up to 21 hours of autonomy
  • Visibility: large area and very high visibility over +100m
  • 220° beam angle
  • Integrated reflectors in the central part
  • Waterproof: IP64
  • Weight : 38g
  • Dimensions: 11x3x1cm
  • Battery : rechargeable by micro-USB cable, 460 mAH capacity
  • Recharge time : 2h30

Oxylum puissant éclairage pour casque vélo

What are the different lighting modes of the OxiLum?

OxiLum has 8 lighting modes, 5 of which are in the tail light position and 3 in the front light position.

Red tail light mode :

  1. Steady Night: Normal steady light
  2. Steady Day: Intense fixed light
  3. Pulse: Flashing + continuous light
  4. Flash : Flashing without continuous light
  5. Eco Flash : Flashing without continuous light with low intensity


White front light mode :

  1. Steady: Normal steady light
  2. Steady Day: Bright steady light
  3. Pulse: Flashing + continuous light

What is the autonomy of each of the 8 modes offered by the OxiLum bike light?

The OxiLum light has an autonomy of up to 21 hours depending on the different modes:

Red tail light mode :

  • Steady Night: 16 hours of autonomy
  • Steady Day: 7 hours of autonomy
  • Pulse: 8 hours of autonomy
  • Flash: 8 hours of autonomy
  • Eco Flash : 21H of autonomy

White front light mode :

  • Steady: 19 hours of autonomy
  • Steady Day: 6 hours of autonomy
  • Pulse: 11 hours of autonomy

What is the range of the OxiLum bike light?

The OxiLum bike light makes you visible up to 100 metres (the range of the light depends on the lighting mode you select from the 8 available) 

In addition, the angle of diffusion of the light generated by OxiLum is 220°, one of the largest in its category.

The long range of the light combined with its generous beam angle maximises your visibility and "makes you stand out" in traffic, thus increasing your safety.

Can the OxiLum be used as a front light?

The OxiLum light can act as a front or rear light depending on the mode you select.

The light can be attached to an urban helmet as well as a road helmet (mountain bike, motorbike, scooter...). The light can also be easily adapted to electric bikes or scooters thanks to an adjustable bracket sold separately.

It can be adapted to all electric bikes and scooters thanks to the adjustable bracket sold separately.

Can I use the OxiLum to ride a motorbike or scooter?

The OxiLum light is approved for use on motorbikes and scooters. It fits perfectly in road helmets and is speed resistant.


Improve visibility and safety with our bicycle helmet light

The OxiLum helmet light from Overade offers you a powerful visibility in urban traffic. You are thus more serene during your travels in the city but also in the countryside, whether it is for leisure or in a bike park.

OxiLum is one of the most powerful warning lights on the market (90 Lumens in flash mode! ±5%). It significantly increases your visibility in the near and far environment. Your presence and your movements are well taken into account by all other users, which increases your safety.

The positioning of an LED light on a bicycle helmet increases your visibility as a cyclist. The light is seen from a distance because it is less blocked by obstacles. This is not the case with a conventional bike light on the rear wheel or on a seat tube. Under these conditions you are mainly seen by the rider immediately behind you.

To further enhance your safety, you can combine our OxiBrake brake sensor with our OxiLum bicycle helmet light to create one of the most effective brake warning systems on the market.


A versatile bicycle helmet light

Feu arrière rouge pour vélo et trottinette électrique Feu avant blanc à fixer sur un guidon de vélo ou de trottinettes électriques

Red rear light suitable for a bicycle rack

White front light for bicycle handlebars

The OxILum helmet LED light has 7 different lighting modes (see below). This allows you to adapt to any situation. Originally designed to be positioned at the back of a bicycle helmet with the red lighting mode OxiILum can also be easily positioned at the front of the helmet with one of the white lighting modes.

This front light allows you to supplement your lighting to better distinguish the road when riding. It is also a very effective way of being seen by oncoming traffic.


A light that can be installed on all urban bicycle helmets... and everywhere else!

Lumière avant pour vélo Lumière feu arrière fixé au porte bagage d'un vélo Lumière de position arrière de casque vélo

Front light that can be mounted on the handlebars of a bicycle or electric scooter

Red rear light that can be installed on the luggage rack of a city bike

Red tail light attached to the back of a bicycle, scooter or motorbike helmet

OxILum is initially designed to be attached to an urban bicycle helmet using our patented dual attachment system (Magnetic and Mechanical). But we have gone further to offer additional attachment capabilities for our LED bike light. With the help of an optional strap system (easy to use) it becomes possible to attach our light almost anywhere:
  • On bicycle helmets such as mountain bike, cyclo, racing
  • On motorbike helmets
  • On the seat tube for vertical mounting
  • On the handlebars of bicycles or scooters with the headlight mode for horizontal mounting
The system also allows the OxILum bike light to be attached to the frame of a cargo bike, for example, in order to be seen effectively by road users who may not be able to see the large volume of your bike at night.


OxiLum a bicycle helmet light with 8 different modes dedicated to your safety

The urban helmet light has no less than 8 lighting modes that will perfectly suit all your situations.

If you use the OxiLum as a tail light, you can choose between 5 modes:

  • Steady Night - Normal fix (16 hours of autonomy)
  • Steady Day - Intense fixed light (7 hours of autonomy)
  • Pulse - Permanent light with flashing effect (8 hours autonomy)
  • Flash - Single flash (8hrs runtime)
  • Eco Flash - Same as Flash mode but with limited light intensity (21h autonomy)

Conversely, in a "white headlight" configuration, your helmet light offers 3 lighting modes:

  • Steady - Fixed normal (19 hours of autonomy)
  • Steady Day - Intense fixed light (6 hours of autonomy)
  • Pulse - Permanent light with flashing effect (11 hours of autonomy)

OxiLum retains the last mode you used it in. Simple, practical and effective...


One of the most powerful bike lights on the market with an extreme beam angle

OxiLum is one of the most powerful lights on the market. It therefore promotes maximum safety when cycling.

Depending on the display mode, the following power levels are available in Lumens (±5%):

  • From 9 Lumens to 35 Lumens in continuous mode
  • Up to 90 Lumens in flash mode

In addition to this powerful light intensity, the OXILum bicycle helmet light has a diffusion angle of 220°! This means that your visibility is also good to the side of your movement axis. This places OXILum once again among the best bike lights on the market in terms of beam angle.

Finally, OxiLum is also equipped with passive reflectors at the heart of the product that reflect the light emitted by other road users.

Equipped with one (or more) OxiLum, you can calmly make your way through traffic with the reassuring impression that you are illuminating your surroundings almost as well as a lighthouse in the middle of the ocean!


OxiLum light with great functions in a small space

1cm. That's the thickness of the OxiLum bicycle helmet light. Its very small size means that it can be easily carried in a bag.

Moreover, in the event of a fall, its presence minimises the protective behaviour of the bicycle helmet to which it is attached.

The 38g of the lighting device is imperceptible in terms of additional weight.

Lumière de casque de vélo et VAE épaisseur limitée


Travelling safely and being visible by bike

In the urban road space, vulnerability mainly affects pedestrians, cyclists and users of electric scooters. The 2020 Road Safety report revealed that 178 cyclists died on the roads this year.
21% of these victims killed or injured were killed or injured at night!

According to the French road safety authority, at night, a cyclist is only visible to other road users from 30 metres away. With the OxiLum urban bicycle helmet light, a cyclist becomes visible from more than 100 m away, which draws the attention of other road users and gives them time to slow down and adapt their driving accordingly!


Contents of the OxiLum bicycle helmet light box

Contenu du package de la lumière vélo OxiLum OxiLum s'allume facilement avant d'être installé sur un casque vélo urbain

Contents of the OxiLum box

OxiLum lights up quickly and easily

  • OxiLum bicycle helmet light
  • USB cable to recharge your light
  • A magnetic and mechanical attachment system that ensures 100% reliable fixing (patented system)

The universal attachment is available as an option.



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