OxiMote. Remote control turn signals left right

OxiMote. Remote control turn signals left right


The OxiMote is a remote control that allows you to control the left-right turn signal function of the OxiTurn bicycle helmet light.

The three elastic bands of different sizes allow the remote control to be adapted to any handlebar diameter.


Attention: The OxiMote remote control is not compatible with the BLINXI & Bloom bicycle helmet lights




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An indispensable flashing function

The OxiMote remote control, coupled with the OxiTurn lighting, offers a left-right blinker function that is very useful when cycling, especially in urban areas.

Often vulnerable in the city, cyclists sometimes take risks (imbalance, shocks...) to indicate their change of direction by extending their arm.

Universal handlebar remote control

OxiMote adapts to all types of handlebars on bicycles, EABs, cargo bikes and scooters.

Sold with three elastic bands of three different diameters, it can be attached easily and quickly.


  • Luminous reminder of the selected direction
  • Audible reminder that a flasher is activated
  • CR2032 battery included
  • Adapts to all handlebars (bike, scooter, electric scooter...)

OxiMote remote control with flashing light OxiTurn

How do I charge the OxiMote remote control?

The remote control is easily charged via a USB cable.

Is the OxiMote remote control compatible with all handlebars?

OxiMote is sold with three elastic bands of different sizes to fit all bicycle or scooter handlebars.

What to do in case of loss or theft?

If you have already purchased the OxiTurn Starter and OxiTurn Deluxe packs and you have unfortunately lost your remote control, you can purchase another one individually.

Once delivered, you will just have to pair it with your OxiTurn lighting.

Is OxiMote compatible with BLINXI?

OxiMote has the same design as the BLINXI lighting remote control but does not have the same mechanical device. 

The OxiMote is therefore not compatible with the BLINXI.


OxiMote. Remote control for the bike light with turn signal OxiTurn

OxiMote remote control with flashing light OxiTurn Remote control OxiMote switched off on handlebars

OxiMote remote control activated

OxiMote remote control on bike handlebars

OxiMote is the remote control that comes with your OxiTurn left-right flashing light.

Universal, the OxiMOte remote control fits perfectly on any tube diameter thanks to its three elastic bands of different sizes

Installing the remote control on your handlebars will bring additional comfort and stability during your ride since you will no longer have to stretch your arm and risk imbalance to turn. 


If you are an electric scooter user you know how important the risk of falling is if you do not hold your handlebars with both hands.

With one click, the turn signal of your choice is activated and signals to other road users that you are changing direction.


It is now possible for you to purchase the OxiMote remote control on its own without any package in case of theft or loss. In this case, you will have to go through a new pairing process to introduce the remote control into your Oxi lighting network.


Do more with OxiMote with Oxi compatible products

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Brake detector

The OxiMote remote control is a product of the Oxi technology. We offer a whole range of bike lighting and control products (triggers) based on this technology that can be interoperated (connected together). For more information we invite you to visit the page dedicated to the presentation of Oxi.


By coupling the OxiTurn remote control to an OxiTurn light (both devices are also available as a pack at a special price), you have at your disposal a powerful bike light with a left and right turn signal function that can be installed on an urban bike helmet or on the back of your luggage rack using our universal attachment kit (optional). 
Thus equipped, you will gain in serenity during your trips in urban traffic to secure your overtaking and your changes of route.


You can also complete your Oxi network with an OxiBrake brake detector to be placed on the brake lever of your bike.
This device allows you to alert other users of your deceleration as soon as you apply the brake. As reliable as a car brake for an undeniable gain in safety! Beware of the drivers who sometimes follow us too closely...


Discover our Oxi technology that allows you to design the lighting network you need.


Contents of the OxiMote package

OxiMote remote control contents


The OxiMote remote control compatible only with the OxiTurn bicycle flasher contains:

  • The OxiMote remote control
  • 3 elastic bands of different sizes to fit all handlebars



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