OxiTurn Starter. Bike lighting with turn signal indicators

OxiTurn Starter. Bike lighting with turn signal indicators


The new removable OxiTurn Starter helmet light features directional turn signals that can be controlled via handlebar remote. It offers increased visibility for (urban) cyclists. It increases their safety on the road.

With its removable design OxiTurn Starter can easily be installed and removed from any bicycle helmet.

Order now to improve your safety on the road!




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2 bicycle lighting functions

Position light

The OxiTurn Starter is a red position light designed to increase your visibility in city traffic conditions. It has 5 different modes.


Right/left turn signals

OxiTurn Starter offers you not only a red position light, but also an amber turn signal on both the right and left sides of the light. And for even more convenience, it can be operated remotely with a remote control built into the handlebars.s notice safely with OxiTurn Starter!

Be visible on your bike

OxiTurn is a powerful light (up to 90 Lumens) with a diffusion angle of 220°.

The light can be attached to all urban bicycle helmets. This "high" positioning increases your visibility.

OxiTurn Starter can also be positioned at the end of a luggage rack with its universal attachment system.


  • OXI compatible product
  • 5 red light modes
  • Up to 21h of autonomy (depending on the lighting mode chosen)
  • Up to 90 Lumens
  • IP64 - Weatherproof
  • Super angle of diffusion of 220°.
  • Compatible with bike and electric scooter
  • Brake sensor and USB rechargeable light
  • Battery powered remote control

Eclairage casque velo avec fonction clignotant

What are the differences between an OxiTurn Starter and a BLINXI light?

How do I recharge an OxiBrake Starter?

Does the remote control fit all bikes?


Bike light with direction indicator

Lighting pack OxiTurn Deluxe

Bike helmet light with directional indicators

OxiTurn Starter is a light with a direction indicator. A winning combo for safe travel in the city!

We've designed an ingenious turn signal system to alert other road users to any changes in your direction. Changes of direction that can be dangerous in some cases...

In addition to being ingenious, the OxiTurn Starter light is easy to use. The turn signals can be controlled via the OxiMote remote control placed on the handlebars. With one click, your indicator lights up to signal your intention to turn. 

The turn signals are also accompanied by 5 fixed and flashing red lighting modes to be visible in any context (day, night, fog...).


Use of right/left turn signals improves safety

remote control for OxiTurn Starter helmet light Turn signals on bicycle lamp improves safety

OxiMote remote control

OxiTurn bike light

According to the Highway Code, cyclists are strongly advised to hold out their arm in the direction they wish to go when changing route.

This gesture that we think is harmless, is not... A cyclist on his two-wheeler must extend his arm to signal his new direction. This movement puts the user in an unbalanced situation that can lead to a fall.

To avoid any accident, OxiTurn Starter is the perfect equipment to have during your bike trips.

The light with right/left turn signal function can be attached to any helmet (or anywhere on your bike with the optional universal attachment kit) and is activated manually via the remote control on the handlebars.

No need to move your arm, only your thumb is needed. You remain stable on your bike and can turn safely.


A bike light with 5 lighting options ideal for cyclists

Discover the 5 red lighting modes offered by OxiTurn Starter to adapt your bike helmet lighting to the brightness and danger conditions of urban traffic.

Consult the table below to find out the light power and autonomy associated with each lighting mode to improve your safety as a cyclist in the city.

ModeColorPower (Lumens)Autonomy (Hours)
Night steady 9 16
Day steady 35 7,5
Pulse 90 8
Night flash 9 21
Day flash 50 8


Boost your OxiTurn Starter bike light with Oxi

Bike light adaptable to OxiTurn luggage rack from the Oxi range Bicycle brake sensor of the Oxi range Flashing remote control for OxiTurn bicycle lights from the Oxi range




Bike light with blinker suitable for OxiTurn city bike helmet from the Oxi range Bike light with turn signal OxiTurn from the Oxi range Bicycle lamp with blinker adaptable to urban bicycle helmet OxiTurn of the Oxi range




Combine Oxi bike products

OxiTurn Starter is a product from Oxi technology that allows you to compose exactly the bike lighting network you need.

OxiTurn Starter can be combined with a brake sensor (OxiBrake) that slides onto the brake lever of your bike.

Once installed, you have a complete brake warning system at your disposal. (The complete package (OxiTurn Starter + OxiBrake) is sold under the name OxiTurn Deluxe if you wish to purchase a complete set immediately.

Would you like to add additional bike lights to maximize your visibility and safety in city traffic?

Yes, it's possible because you can control up to 50 lights simultaneously.

Take the time to consult our Oxi page to discover all the possibilities offered by our technology.

A simple and smart pairing

The products sold in packs are delivered already paired with each other. However, if you want to add a new Oxi product to your existing network, you will have to go through a pairing process explained in our product documentation.

There is no need for an application, Wi-fi or any other application. The pairing is done manually in a few moments.


Contents of the OxiTurn Starter pack

content pack oxiturn starter bicycle light with turn signals

Contents of the packaging of the OxiTurn Starter bike light with indicators

The OxiTurn Starter Pack contains:

  • The OxiTurn light with right/left turn signal function
  • The OxiMote remote control
  • A magnetic holder to fix the light
  • 3 elastic bands of different sizes to fit all handlebars
  • A USB cable


Start-up and synchronization with other Oxi products

The products that make up the OxiTurn Starter bike light and directional blinker pack are ready for use immediately after unpacking.

The following products with a battery may need to be charged before being used for the first time:

  • The OxiTurn bike lighting

The remote control (OxiMote) works with a CR2032 battery already installed in the factory.

It is not necessary to pair the light with the remote control because the settings have already been made in the factory.

Pairing is only necessary if you wish to add a new Oxi device to your lighting network.


Documentation of the OxiTurn Starter

Find the documentation of your bicycle helmet light with directional flashing function controlled by remote control.



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Équipement indispensable

Personnellement je trouve ce style d’équipement indispensable pour pouvoir circuler sereinement. Changer de direction sans avoir à lâcher le guidon est bien plus sécurisant. Les différents niveaux d’éclairage sont aussi très utiles et l’adaptation au casque pliant est parfaite. C’est visiblement du matériel de qualité. Un peu cher quand même, de plus lorsque j’ai passé ma commande la sélection du point de retrait mondial relais ne fonctionnait pas, j’ai dû le faire livrer chez moi en payant plus cher…

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