2023 - Oxi will make you more visible

The year 2022 is coming to an end... Overade wishes everyone a very happy 2023 filled with joy, health, but also mobility!

For our part, 2022 was a year rich in innovation with the arrival of a new range of products based on our Oxi technology. Let us introduce you to it…


What is Oxi?

Oxi is a technology developed by Overade. It allows several devices to communicate with each other. So you can control one or more day/night, red, white, flashing lights simultaneously with a brake sensor, a remote control for flashing lights etc...

To create your own lighting network, you don't need a cable, a Bluetooth connection, or Wi-Fi, and you don't even need to install any applications on your smartphone!

Compatible lights and products share a wireless communication system. Simply put: unpack, install, drive. That's it!

The Overade plus: Oxi is modular so you can add up to 50 lights!
Shouldn't that be fine?



oxi network bike lights range 

How is Oxi good for me?


Oxi is a range that rethinks how we travel by bike and makes a leap forward in visibility management.

All cyclists (city dwellers, rural dwellers, sportsmen and women...) are vigilant about (their) safety issues.

Oxi is an effective, simple and scalable response to all visibility needs: respecting safety distances when braking, indicating changes of direction, headlight calls to improve and calm communication with all road users (motorists, motorcyclists, cyclists, pedestrians, etc.).

Four combinations are currently available or will be available in January:

  • simple lighting,
  • a light with a flashing function,
  • a brake lever for a brake warning and headlight function,
  • a remote control to operate the lights with a right/left indicator function

You can build up your own lighting network as you wish and add to your equipment as your needs change, for maximum safety.


 Visibility lighting network


Oxi makes bicycle travel even safer


Oxi makes it a point of honour to ensure the safety of cyclists who are confronted with some rather confusing situations on a daily basis.

Obstacles on the road, lorries and buses, rapid and unsignalled overtaking, opening doors, changing direction without flashing lights or even narrow two-way streets... Travelling, whether in the city or in the countryside, can sometimes involve some surprising pitfalls!

The Oxi devices effectively monitor and alert other road users in real time to your movements, braking and other changes to your route. This makes your daily commute to and from work much smoother.

For those of you who are going to make the resolution in 2023 to start cycling, we invite you to start by consulting our special guide on this subject.

Once again: Happy New Year to all and long live cycling!


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