Luko & Overade join forces for your good

Did you know ?

If you're riding an electric scooter or other electric vehicle, you have to get an insurance, at least 1/3.

In fact, all motorized vehicles must be insured at least for civil liability (damage caused to a third party) and defense as a remedy (when your civil liability is brought to justice), as is the case for motorcycles or cars.

Some people think that they are certainly covered by their home insurance. This is not very accurate. Neither home insurance nor automobile insurance covers these vehicles. Because of this lack of information, many of you are riding uninsured (without knowing it!), which is dangerous ... and illegal :( It’s for this reason that we signed a partnership with company called LUKO!

LUKO… what is it ? 

LUKO is a Neo-Insurance that revolutionizes the insurance industry to make it easier and more transparent.

First of all, it's a 100% digital insurance, you are insured in 2 minutes and reimbursed in 2 hours in the event of an accident. LUKO originally specialized in home insurance, but many of their clients have asked them to insure their NVEI.

So they developed a specific product for NVEI users. LUKO offers 2 plans: 1. “Minimum Legal” insurance which covers your civil liability and your recourse costs 2. “Spirit of Peace” insurance which covers your civil liability, your recourse costs, theft and material damage.

What's the partnership between LUKO and OVERADE all about ?

1) If you are a LUKO client, you can buy a Plixi FIT helmet with a 30% discount.

2) If you are a client of OVERADE you can get the 1st month of your LUKO insurance for free

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