Importance of design for soft mobility products

Design for soft mobility products

The french Robert dictionary offers the following definition for design: "Industrial aesthetics applied to the search for new forms adapted to their function".

Overade has always designed its products dedicated to soft mobility with a permanent attention to design. The design of functional, efficient and elegant products is the best way to promote the use of our safety products for cyclists and users of electric scooters.

We present here various subjects to share with you our vision of design in order to offer you products that are always more pleasant, comfortable and efficient to live with in the context of your new urban mobility.





KENZO x Overade Design Partnership

Sport collection autumn-winter 2021

Kenzo Sports Products

Freedom to move safely

The KENZO Sport autumn-winter 2021 collection features high-tech materials that combine comfort and fluidity.

KENZO's style is reflected in this new collection marked with the famous jacquard monogram.  The airy look of this collection is based on technical textiles that provide tremendous freedom of movement without compromising comfort. This autumn-winter 2021 collection will allow you to face the cold weather with a free spirit.

This season, the famous fashion brand is focusing on the new urban mobilities that are revolutionising travel on a global scale.

KENZO, always at the forefront of environmental issues, responds with its inimitable design to today's ecological challenges.

Thus, in addition to its new sports wardrobe, KENZO is offering in its shops a limited series of two products that are "markers" of new mobility:

  • The famous Brompton folding bike
  • The award-winning PLIXI FIT folding bicycle helmet from Overade

Kenzo-Overade bicycle helmet with Overade logo Kenzo Overade bicycle helmet seen from behind with Kenzo monogram Kenzo-Overade bike helmet with real PLIXI FIT bike helmet cover

Kenzo Bike Helmet - Overade - Face

Kenzo Bike Helmet - Overade - Rear

Kenzo-Overade Bike Helmet with cover

A scent of the obvious

Recognised for its security products dedicated to new forms of mobility Overade is particularly proud to offer its famous PLIXI FIT folding helmet to enrich KENZO's Fall Winter 2021 sports collection.

KENZO and Overade share qualities such as freedom, design, comfort and innovation.
This partnership was obvious when KENZO imagined its autumn-winter 2021 sports line, partly dedicated to new urban mobility.

Design bike helmet Visor for bicycle helmet Cover for folding bicycle helmet

Folding bike helmet black

Removable black visor

Removable grey waterproof cover

Much more than a bicycle helmet

More than just a bicycle helmet, PLIXI FIT offers a new way of experiencing the city.

Protecting the user. Bicycles, electrically assisted bicycles, electric scooters, motorbikes, cars, buses and trucks are just some of the many different types of users who share the road. Head protection is strongly recommended.

Living in the city. Being protected when travelling is good. But being able to (almost) disappear into your bag once the journey is over is a real comfort in everyday life, as our customers confirm.

Overade is one of the few players to have a "global reflection" concerning both the safety of users during the trip as well as the "comfort of life" once the trip is over.

Kenzo Takada, a vision of design

Kenzo Takada, master of design

For 50 years, the famous Japanese brand has been revolutionising the fashion industry and carrying the words of the master Kenzo Takada high.

Born in 1940 in Himeiji, Japan, Kenzo Takada has always been passionate about fashion. In 1964, at the end of his training at the Japanese fashion school "Bunka Fashion College", Kenzo flew to Paris.

In 1970, Kenzo Takada launched Jungle Jap, his first boutique in the prestigious Vivienne Gallery in Paris.

In 1980, Jungle Jap became KENZO when he set up shop, workshops and offices in the Place des Victoires in the French capital. He became one of the pioneers of his generation.

A visionary, Kenzo Takada created a fashion that was uninhibited, open-minded and diversified. The cotton jersey pyjama suit, kimono-sleeved pullovers, corolla dresses and flower-printed jeans became iconic pieces.

Kenzo expands his universe and enters the perfume business. He created Flower by Kenzo, a fragrance that revolutionized the world of perfumery.

In 1993, the Kenzo brand is bought by LVMH. For 6 years Kenzo Takada accompanied this new chapter and then passed the baton to Gilles Rosier and Roy Krejberg.

In October 2020, Kenzo died of COVID-19, leaving behind an incredible legacy.


Photo Credit: Marie Claire


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