What is Loxi used for?

Loxi is a foldable, waterproof and secure bag. It allows you to store your accessories (helmet, gloves, lights, etc.) safe from rain and theft while leaving them on your bike once you arrive at your destination.

Why did you choose to secure the Loxi with a 4-digit code lock rather than a key?

Code locks have their advantages and disadvantages, and so do key locks. We chose a code lock because it is easier to use on a daily basis. However, even though it is more expensive, we decided to use a 4-digit model and not a 3-digit one to ensure maximum security.

What is the original code of the lock?

The original code of the lock is 0000. We strongly advise you to change it when you receive your Loxi.

Can I secure my bike with Loxi?

We do not recommend securing your bike with Loxi, simply because Loxi is not a lock. It is a bag that has a built-in lock to provide the ability to securely attach the bag. However, you can use Loxi as a second lock to secure your front wheel, for example.

Can I tear the Loxi?

No, you can't, because Loxi is a complex design. It actually consists of "2 bags". The waterproof bag on the outside and the cut resistant bag on the inside. The cut resistant bag is made first. The parts are sewn together with UHMWPE material thread, which is much stronger than a conventional cotton thread. Next, the waterproof bag is made with the same type of thread.

Finally, the cut resistant bag is placed inside the waterproof bag and the two are joined together. This type of construction prevents access to the inside of the bag by cutting only the side seams. You will only have access to the cut resistant bag, which you cannot cut.

Is it really strong?

Yes, it is. We have selected the best cut resistant material in the world. It is level 5 according to EN388, the European standard for cut resistance. It is a mixture of glass fibres, polyester and high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE), a material that is 40% stronger than Kevlar. For example, our manufacturer has no choice but to laser cut this material during the manufacturing process. However, just because it is cut resistant does not mean that it will never be cut. It means that it will take years to cut such material.

Does "anti-theft" mean that LOXI cannot be stolen?

Unfortunately, inserting a 12mm cable lock into our Loxi bag and using the most effective cut-resistant fabric available today does not guarantee 100% protection against theft. But we tested Loxi for several weeks, day and night, locked to a bike on different streets in Paris and had no problems.

Can you put a motorbike helmet inside the Loxi?

No. The Loxi 4L bag has the capacity to hold our Plixi folding helmet while the Loxi 9L can hold a standard bike helmet.

Is LOXI only for cyclists?

No. After all, Loxi is a secure and waterproof bag. So there are many everyday occasions to use it: at the bar while smoking outside, at the gym to keep your valuables safe in the locker room, at the beach while swimming or on the playground while playing basketball... A must-have!

Why do you only offer the Loxi in black?

This is a deliberate choice we made to avoid attracting people's attention and to keep the Loxi as discreet as possible.

Loxi 15L CASE

Is the Loxi 15L bag made from the same materials as the Loxi security bags?

Yes, it is. The Loxi bag has an integrated 12 mm diameter anti-theft device and is made of the same cut-resistant material based on a mixture of glass fibres, polyester and high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE). A material that is 40% stronger than Kevlar.

Can the LOXI bag be rolled up completely?

The LOXI 15L pannier has a rigid plate to keep its shape and cannot be rolled up completely.

What is the maximum diameter of the carrier tubes on which the Loxi pannier can be mounted?

The tubes can be up to 10 mm in diameter. Beyond that, it is not certain that the pannier will fit perfectly on the carrier.

Does the pannier have an anti-pull-out system?

Yes, an additional strap is placed on the luggage rack side to fix it to the luggage rack and avoid the pannier being ripped off.