What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payment by credit card (Visa, MasterCard) and PayPal transfers.

Are payments on the website secured?

Yes. Credit card payments are processed using secure transactions provided by our bank (BNP Paribas) and conducted directly on our bank's payment server. As such, neither we nor the host of our website have access to information regarding your method of payment. As for transfers made via PayPal, please note that this company never shares your bank details with us.

Our payment methods 

Various payment methods are available for your purchases in our online shop. They have been selected because they are efficient, reliable and simple.

Visa / Mastercard

These are the most common and most used credit cards. At the time of your purchase, if you choose to pay by credit card, you will be asked to provide:

1- your credit card number
2- its expiration date
3- the security number (last 3 digits of the number on the back of your card)


PayPal is a secure online payment solution that allows you to pay in our shop by sending us an email address instead of your bank details. What are the benefits of using PayPal?

1- You can make purchases without disclosing your bank details to a third party.
2- Payments are sent via a basic email address.
3- PayPal uses one of the market's leading encryption technologies.
4- PayPal is used in over 55 countries and regions worldwide.


Here are a few key items that enable us to secure your payments in our online shop.

BNP Paribas' Merc@net service

Payments made in www.overade.com are securely processed by BNP Paribas via their Merc@net service. Merc@net is a service which enables us to provide a remote secure payment system that accepts credit cards. The system's security is primarily based on the use of SSL encryption and online data transfer technology as well as a systematic authorisation request regardless of the transaction amount.

Please note that if you choose to pay by credit card, Overade will not, under any circumstances, have access to any of the bank details that you submit via the interface of our bank, BNP Paribas. In other words, we never collect any bank details, whether temporarily or permanently.

The 3DSecure system

3DSecure is referred to as "Verified by VISA" by the VISA company and "SecureCode" by MasterCard. Due to this, you may see these logos during your checkout process. 3DSecure is a payment securing system that is exclusive to credit card purchases. It ensures that the owner of the card is indeed the one making the online purchase. To achieve this, additional information is requested from him/her to validate the payment. Each bank is free to choose its own method of authentication, but such information may consist of a password, a PIN code received by text message, a date of birth, etc.