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Safety Pack
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Safety Pack - Flashing bicycle helmet
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Safety Pack - Flashing bicycle helmet

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This bike helmet with indicator provides the extra safety to make your travel safer, whether you are riding a bike, a bike with a motorbike or an electric scooter. The indicator function of our LED bike helmet prevents you from reaching for your arm when you are in traffic and want to turn. The light on the helmet is also visible from a long distance.


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Bike helmet light: the essential for urban mobility

The folding helmet and flashing light combine to address the problems faced by users of soft mobility when riding at night.

Our bicycle helmet has been designed to make life easier for urban cyclists. Its volume is divided by three when you fold it. It then fits easily into your bag when you arrive at your destination. What's even more impressive is that this innovation does not affect the level of protection of the folding helmet. (100% compliant with US CPSC & CE EN1078 standards)

We have added to this original bicycle helmet a light with flashing lights that can be controlled by a remote control. The remote control can be attached in 2 seconds to any bicycle handlebar on the market.

Features of the folding bicycle helmet

  • Meets US CPSC & CE EN1078 standards: helmets for cyclists, skateboarders and roller skaters
  • Volume divided by 3 in folded position
  • Dimensions of folded helmet: 21 x 11 x 16 cm
  • Weight: 440 g in size S-M and 490 g in size L-XL
  • Adjustable occipital support system & lockable dividers
  • ABS outer shell - EPS inner shell
  • 14 vents
  • Comes with different thicknesses of inner foam to adjust the fit of the helmet
  • Adjustable straps with chin protection on the chinstrap
  • Possible uses of the PLIXI FIT: bicycle in all its forms, skateboard, rollerblade or scooter

Features of the removable flashing light

  • Visibility: 100m
  • Battery: rechargeable via micro-USB cable
  • Battery life: 5h in fixed mode, 10h in flashing mode, +24h in day mode
  • 3 lighting modes: flashing, fixed or daylight mode
  • Sound reports
  • Compatibility: attaches to the PLIXI Fit and most urban helmets
  • Waterproof case
  • Dimensions: 12 x 3 x 1 cm
  • Weight: 35 gr
  • Start-up indicator
  • Download the user manual

Safety pack Bike helmet with integrated light

Bicycle helmet light, the perfect combination for commuters

The SAFETY PACK is a clever combination of a folding helmet that retracts in 3 seconds and a bicycle helmet with an indicator that combines safety and practicality with a removable light with blinkers to make you visible throughout your journey. An ideal solution for all bike riders, whether they ride an EAB or a classic bike!

The flashing bicycle helmet is essential to indicate changes of direction in complete safety

The bicycle traffic regulations require cyclists to warn other road users of their changes of direction. The most common way to do this is to hold out your arm. However, this makes the cyclist unstable, which can lead to a fall.

A SAFETY PACK LED helmet with turn signals is a lighting system with right/left turn signals that are easily activated via a remote control that can be attached to any bicycle handlebar.

Its fixed mode acts as a light that makes you identifiable throughout the journey. The intensity of its LEDs makes it visible from a distance of 100m.

Why is it important to use a lighted bicycle helmet when riding in the city?

Urban mobility users are vulnerable on the roads. Riding at night or in bad weather exposes cyclists to constant and sometimes unpredictable danger. Being seen is vital!

Wearing a lighted helmet is essential for safe cycling at any time of the day and in any weather condition.

Wearing a bicycle helmet provides strong protection in the event of a fall or an accident. Studies show that three-quarters of all deaths in cycling accidents are due to head injuries. When the cyclist wears a helmet the severity of the head injury is reduced by 80%.

Rigid, light and ventilated, our flashing bicycle helmet absorbs shocks in the event of an accident. It adapts to all body types, helped by the positioning of different thicknesses of foam in the helmet.

By adding the helmet indicator to the rear surface of the helmet, you can complete your equipment. The bike helmet with indicator makes you visible and allows you to easily warn other road users.

How does the removable bicycle helmet light work?

The flashing bicycle helmet light is very easy to use.

Attach the bracket, "teeth" up, to the back of the folding helmet. Then place the removable light on the bracket. As you can see, the bike helmet light is held both mechanically and magnetically, which makes it very secure to the helmet it is attached to. This ingenious system is patented.

All you have to do is attach the remote control to your handlebars and you're on your way in complete safety.

Waterproof, you can always rely on your bike helmet light, even in bad weather.

The battery life of the LED bike flasher depends on the mode in which you use it:

  • 5h in fixed mode
  • 10 hours in flashing mode
  • +24h in day mode

The battery of your indicator light is recharged with a simple USB cable that is provided.

Once you have arrived at your destination, fold your folding urban helmet. The limited thickness of only 1cm of the indicator does not hinder the folding function of the helmet at all.

Enhanced visibility thanks to the high position of the helmet light

It is important to have accessories for safe riding. Scooters, EABs and classic bikes are often fitted with lights at the bottom, at seat height, which do not always make them visible to motorists.

Placed on the helmet, our bike helmet light improves your visibility.

Located on the back of the helmet, the flashing light makes you identifiable to everyone.


Easy change of direction without impact on stability

Holding out one's arm to signal a change of direction is the most common gesture made by urban mobility users. However, this gesture is far from being without danger, as it can cause the driver to become unbalanced and fall.

Wearing a lighted helmet with turn signals gives you stability when you turn. With the remote control attached to the handlebars, all you have to do is activate the indicator with your finger to change direction.

Having a flashing helmet ensures your stability throughout the ride. With the help of the remote control attached to the handlebars, you no longer need to hold out your arm to signal that you are turning.


Prevention of impacts during bicycle falls

The absence of a helmet is the main reason for cyclists' deaths.

Protecting yourself is vital. Our bicycle helmet guarantees your safety and absorbs shocks in case of accidents.
Our ultra-thin light at the back of the helmet prevents the creation of neck twists during a fall.

The bike helmet with indicator protects your head from the impact of road accidents. The flat design of the LED light avoids the neck twisting that some urban helmet lights can cause.


Suitable for all types of urban mobility (bicycles, electric bikes, scooters, monowheels, etc.)

Designed for the city, the bicycle helmet with light is not only suitable for cyclists.

Whether you're riding a scooter, electric scooter or rollerblades, the LED helmet protects you on the move, day and night.

Whether you ride a bike, a scooter or a motorbike, the bike helmet with light is suitable for all urban mobility.


A lighted urban bicycle helmet that folds up easily

The innovative urban helmet folds with a snap of the fingers and saves a lot of space when you arrive at your destination.

Even with its flashing light, it will have no trouble folding up on itself and slipping into the bottom of your bag.


Lighting modes of the illuminated bicycle helmet

With its three lighting modes, take the bike helmet light everywhere with you. Each mode adapts to the time of day and night to make your ride easy and safe.

An audio reminder sounds to indicate whether the flasher is activated.

The lighted helmet has three lighting modes: flashing mode, fixed mode, day mode. You can ride with it both at night and during the day. The lighted helmet has three lighting modes: flashing mode, fixed mode, day mode. You can ride with it both at night and during the day. The lighted helmet has three lighting modes: flashing mode, fixed mode, day mode. You can ride with it both at night and during the day.


A helmet light with simple and effective operation

The bike helmet light is a plug and play device. It does not require an application to be downloaded in order to use it.

The bike helmet light is easy to use. No need to download an application or use a connection.


Installation of the light function on the folding bicycle helmet

Attach the device to the headset holder Select flashing or fixed mode or daylight mode of the headset Attach the remote control of the helmet light to your handlebars using the elastic bands provided.

After placing the magnetic holder on the back of the city helmet, attach the LED light by magnetising it to the holder.

To turn on the headset light, just press the START button for three seconds. Repeat this action to turn it off.
To select the lighting modes, press the middle button once.

To facilitate the activation of the indicators, attach the remote control of the lighted helmet to your handlebars using the elastic bands supplied with the helmet.


Recharging the removable light function of the folding helmet

The LED light has a battery life of 10 hours in flashing mode. When the battery needs to be recharged, a red light comes on near the ON/OFF button.

The device is easily removed from the headset and recharged via a supplied USB cable.

The magnetic attachment of the bike helmet light allows it to be easily removed from the helmet when it needs to be recharged via a usb cable.
By (PESSAC, France) on  02 Feb. 2023 (Safety Pack - Flashing bicycle helmet) :

Safety pack

Super produit, très bonne visibilité.

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By (LYON, France) on  29 Aug. 2022 (Safety Pack - Flashing bicycle helmet) :


C'est mon 3ème pour ma flotte de trottinettes
et j'en toujours aussi satisfait.
Bravo aux concepteurs

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By (Odense, Denmark) on  25 Apr. 2022 (Safety Pack - Flashing bicycle helmet) :

Le meilleur sur le marché

Ce casque a été parfaitement conçu. Il se déploie vraiment rapidement et est robuste. Lors de la commande, assurez-vous de mesurer la circonférence de votre tête, pour vous assurer que le casque sera confortable.

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