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  • Plixi FIT
  • Plixi FIT
  • Plixi FIT
  • Women's bike helmet
  • Plixi fit
  • PLIXI FIT folding bicycle helmet
  • Plixi FIT
Plixi FIT
  • Plixi FIT
  • Plixi FIT
  • Plixi FIT
  • Women's bike helmet
  • Plixi fit
  • PLIXI FIT folding bicycle helmet
  • Plixi FIT

PLIXI FIT foldable bike helmet


The PLIXI FIT bicycle helmet was designed to make life easier for urban cyclists. Once you arrive at your destination, you can fold it in 2 seconds. Its volume divided by 3 once folded allows you to store it easily in your bag or its case.

You can finally enjoy the city!


Patented innovation  


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of the PLIXI FIT helmet in size S/M
will resume at the end of 2023

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PLIXI FIT bicycle helmet. Practical and comfortable

The best ally for your safety, the PLIXI FIT bicycle helmet protects you with style when you ride.

When you arrive, you fold it with a snap of the fingers. Its volume is then divided by 3. So it easily fits in your handbag or backpack!

The city becomes easier, simpler and more pleasant.

PLIXI FIT is comfortable. Its dividers are lockable and its occipital support system (the rear part of the helmet at the level of your neck) is adjustable.

The 14 vents in the PLIXI FIT urban helmet ventilate your head comfortably, which is appreciated by our users.

Double certified bicycle helmet

The PLIXI FIT bicycle helmet offers the same level of protection as a conventional helmet.

The PLIXI FIT folding bicycle helmet meets the 2 main safety standards worldwide:

  • European EN1078: This standard is the reference for the European continent for bicycle helmets, electrically-assisted bicycles (EAB) whose speed does not exceed 25 km/h, scooters and rollerblades.
  • United States: CPSC

Features of the helmet

  • Volume divided by 3 when folded
  • Dimensions of folded helmet: 21 x 11 x 16 cm
  • Weight: 440 g in size S-M and 490 g in size L-XL
  • Adjustable occipital support system and lockable dividers
  • 14 vents
  • ABS outer shell - EPS inner shell
  • Adjustable straps with chin protection on chinstrap
  • Different thicknesses of inner foam
  • Meets CE EN1078 and US CPSC standards: helmets for cyclists and skateboarders
  • Possible uses of the PLIXI FIT bicycle helmet: all types of bicycles, electric scooters, skateboards or rollerblades

The PLIXI FIT bicycle helmet is an urban bicycle helmet for men and women

Where to find the PLIXI FIT retractable helmet?

First of all you can buy the PLIXI FIT folding bicycle helmet on our eCommerce website for a 100% secure online payment via our partners BNP or Paypal.

If you wish it is possible to pay in 4 times without fees if you use the Paypal service.

In France the PLIXI FIT bicycle helmet is also sold in the following national stores:

  • FNAC
  • Darty
  • Nature & Découvertes
  • En selle Marcel
  • Au vieux campeur
  • Holland Bikes

Try the PLIXI FIT bicycle helmet for free

You can buy your PLIXI FIT folding bicycle helmet in our online shop and try it for 14 days.

If, unfortunately, you are not satisfied, you can return the foldable bike helmet to us at our expense and we will refund your money.

Is there a foldable PLIXI FIT helmet for children?

In France, helmets are compulsory for children under the age of 12 when riding a bicycle. Whether they are drivers or simply passengers!

The folding technique of our bicycle helmet does not allow us to offer a folding helmet for your child.

In some cases it is possible to opt for our S-M folding bicycle helmet model, to set the adjustments to a minimum and to use the thickest inner foam.


PLIXI FIT is much more than a bicycle helmet...

The bicycle is (re)taking over the city! Beyond the reasons that perpetuate this boom, the bicycle makes us rediscover the city through simple words such as freedom, discovery, speed, simplicity, efficiency.

With our PLIXI FIT bicycle helmet you can rediscover the best that the city has to offer, in complete safety.

The PLIXI FIT retractable bicycle helmet really comes into its own to accompany you on your urban journeys with efficiency and a touch of mischief and magic when you no longer need it.

PLIXI FIT is much more than a bicycle helmet... Discover all its facets!

A helmet that folds up and takes up less space when you have a coffee on the terrace

A folding bicycle helmet perfect for women

A folding bicycle helmet also perfect for male urban cyclists


A folding bicycle helmet that makes all the difference

There is no doubt that the PLIXI FIT bicycle helmet is primarily aimed at urban cyclists. What could be more normal since the Overade helmet was conceived and designed in Paris during the deployment of the Vélib shared bikes!

The PLIXI FIT cycling helmet has retained the rebellious and revolutionary spirit of the City of Light where it was designed. The PLIXI FIT reshuffles the deck when it comes to the practicality of bicycle helmets with its ability to fold up once the bicycle journey is over.

The PLIXI FIT is one of the very few bicycle helmets on the world market that can be folded into 3 in less than 3 seconds without any impact on the level of protection provided of course.

The ability of the PLIXI FIT to fold up leaves you free to enjoy the city once you become a pedestrian again. Attach your bike, detach your helmet, fold it up and slip it into your bike bag, basket, purse or backpack and you are now completely free to go shopping, have a drink with friends or attend a concert or movie if you feel like it.

With the PLIXI FIT retractable bicycle helmet you put an end to the chore of a bicycle helmet that takes up space and that you don't know what to do with!

PLIXI FIT is the best urban bike helmet because it can be folded and collapsed in just a few seconds


Presentation of the PLIXI FIT bicycle helmet

The PLIXI FIT folding bicycle helmet is made up of an outer shell in ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) which has the property of having good shock resistance, being relatively rigid while being light.

The inner shell of the folding helmet is made of EPS (expanded polystyrene) which has the advantage of being both rigid and low density.

The combination allows the bike helmet to be strong while limiting the weight of the whole. Thus the helmet in its S-M size is only 440g against 490g for the L-XL size.

Removable internal foams are offered in several sizes to adjust the helmet to your body shape.

Foldable PLIXI FIT helmet is confortable for women and men



1️⃣ Adjustable occipital support system

2️⃣ Lockable strap divider

3️⃣ Internal foams of different thicknesses

4️⃣ Protection mentonnière en mousse




An adjustable occipital support system also ensures that the helmet remains securely in place around the neck. This ensures that the helmet remains in the optimum position in the event of an impact.

To ensure the best possible fit, the folding bike helmet is equipped with lockable strap dividers on the sides, which allow you to adjust the stroke of the comfortable foam chin strap.

All of these adjustments ensure that the helmet fits your head perfectly, which is an important safety feature.



The bike helmet we love

The PLIXI FIT folding bicycle helmet is different from what you thought you knew about a bicycle helmet until now...

PLIXI FIT meets the main expectations of the majority of urban cyclists with the added bonus of a touch of magic and an overdose of practicality. When folded, your PLIXI FIT helmet is just a small ogive that can be easily stored in any bag.

The PLIXI FIT folding helmet has quickly found its audience. It gets a satisfaction rating of 4.7/20. Here are some customer comments that make us proud of our helmet:

  • "This helmet was perfectly designed. It deploys really quickly and is robust."
  • "I am delighted with this helmet. I think I will be ordering more accessories soon."
  • "Easy to fold and unfold, very convenient to store in your bag. I have been using it for several months now without any problems."

customers love their bike helmet and give it a good rating


A safe and approved bicycle helmet

The safety of soft mobility is in our DNA. Our products are designed with safety in mind.

Our PLIXI FIT folding bicycle helmet offers the level of protection required by the American CPSC and European CE EN1078 standards.

The primary purpose of a bicycle helmet is to protect its user. Unfortunately, our customers are sometimes victims of road accidents; a bus that blocks you against a pavement, a motorist who refuses to give way and sends you to the ground...

These accidents happen every day and it is with relief that we receive emails from customers thanking the effectiveness of our PLIXI FIT folding bicycle helmet.

Attention: We would like to draw your attention to the fact that it is imperative to change your bicycle helmet (whatever the brand) after a fall or when the helmet has suffered a violent impact. It may have been weakened and no longer offer the initial level of protection for which it is approved.

Bike helmet FCC EN1078 certifications


An urban bicycle helmet

Our folding bicycle helmet is adapted to city use. It was designed "in town" for urban cyclists and this is one of the major elements of its popularity.

Space and time are frequently qualifiers that characterise contemporary urban life. The PLIXI FIT cycling helmet has incorporated both these concepts and complemented them with safety and practicality.

The result is an efficient, elegant and homogeneous city bike helmet.

Practicality, efficiency and speed are the first criteria that come to mind when describing our city bike helmet. Its ability to fold into three in three seconds puts PLIXI FIT in the top tier of urban bike helmets.

woman wearing a bike helmet in Paris man commuting going to work by bike with a bike helmet



young man wearing a foldable bike helmet in Paris woman going to work by bike and wearing a foldable helmet




A woman's helmet for the city

The PLIXI FIT bicycle helmet is certainly a city bicycle helmet, but it is also an urban women's bicycle helmet. In addition to the practicality already mentioned, our bicycle helmet provides the comfort you expect thanks to its internal protective foams of varying thicknesses. This also allows you to limit the impact of wearing the helmet on your hair while maintaining a good fit.

In addition, the helmet is lightweight. It can therefore be worn without difficulty for a long period.

When folded, the helmet can be easily hidden in most of your handbags.

PLIXI FIT is an original and aesthetic women's bicycle helmet. Beautiful and chic, it allows you to remain elegant in all circumstances.

women love PLIXI FIT foldable bike helmet woman smile while she wears a bike helmet woman find useful a foldable bike helmet to commute





A customisable bicycle helmet

Our folding bicycle helmet can be personalised in different ways.

It comes in 3 colours:

  • Black,
  • Blue
  • Grey

2 sizes are available:

  • Size S/M (i.e. from 54 to 58cm of head circumference)
  • Size L/XL (59 to 62cm of head circumference)

Blue bike helmet Black bike helmet Grey bike helmet




Our cycling helmet can also be equipped with an optional visor and cover to protect against the weather.

The visor is available in 6 colours:

  • Grey
  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Black
  • Blue Jeans

The cover is available in the following colours:

  • Grey
  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Fluorescent yellow
  • Black

All you have to do is choose the model(s) according to your style of the day!

Highly customisable urban bike helmet


A folding bicycle helmet for electric bicycles (VAE)

PLIXI FIT is an urban bicycle helmet that is suitable for cyclists who own electrically assisted bicycles (EAB).

However, the speed of these bikes must not exceed 25km/h. The EN1078 approval applies up to this limit.

Our helmet is therefore not approved for users of Speed Bikes, which are also sometimes called VAE45, S-pedelec or Speed-pedelec. The speed limit for these fast electrically assisted bikes is 45 km/h.

The standard for speed bike helmets is ECE2205.


A bicycle helmet 100% made in France

The design of our bicycle helmet is entirely made in France.

The production of our retractable bicycle helmet is made in Asia in order to limit the selling price of our product.

Overade bike helmet is designed in France


Overade products are designed in Paris - France



By (Yokohama, Japan) on  18 Oct. 2020 (PLIXI FIT foldable bike helmet) :

hope matt grey with XXL

I like it very much. Japanese people have a large head width, so if XXL with a slightly wider side comes out, I will buy it again. I also want MATT GRAY (just like web color # AAA9AD) as the color.

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By (PARIS , France) on  16 Oct. 2020 (PLIXI FIT foldable bike helmet) :

avis casque

Tres pratique et agréable a porter

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By (Longueville, Belgium) on  16 Oct. 2020 (PLIXI FIT foldable bike helmet) :

élément de maintien un peu gènant

L'élément de serrage situé dans le cou descend tellement bas qu'il est impossible de garder même une queue de cheval sans que cela repousse le casque vers l'avant, je suis systématiquement obligée de me détacher les cheveux. Les élastiques ont également rapidement tendance à se détendre et à se désserrer ce qui nuit au maintien du casque. Il est à part ce détail très confortable à porter et se plie facilement.

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By (Saint germain en laye, France) on  28 Aug. 2020 (PLIXI FIT foldable bike helmet) :
The customer has rated the product but has not posted a review, or the review is pending moderation
By (Nantucket, United States) on  28 Aug. 2020 (PLIXI FIT foldable bike helmet) :


I never thought I would say I "enjoy" wearing a bike helmet, but I've come to love my Overade Plixi Fit Helmet. It's lightweight, well vented, comfortable and best of all it folds up to make it easy to carry around. I've told all my friends about it, it's a great solution for staying safe on a bike. Fedex shipping was free (from Paris to the US) and pretty fast. Highly recommended!

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