Cargo bike: The new practical bike solution?

Practical, economical and ecological, the cargo bike is a great success among the urban population.

More and more French people are turning to this cycling solution and putting aside their vehicle.

Depending on their type, they offer different skills, capacities and sensations.

The three most popular types of cargo bikes

  • The compact longtail or midtail bike: it has a sturdy frame and is extended at the back. It allows the transport of important loads on the luggage rack. You can add a basket in the front or panniers to increase its capacity.

  • The two-wheeler: it has 2 wheels and is extended towards the front. A loading box is positioned in front of the front wheel and can carry up to 2 or 3 children. Its particularity? To have a deported wheel in front! Its driving, after taking in hand, remains however easy!

  • The three-wheeled bike: classic or pendular, it is equipped with 3 wheels and a loading box between the 2 front wheels. It is the most voluminous of the cargo bikes and can carry up to 4, even 6 children! It is often the most stable, except if it is tilted.

Zoom on the brand AddBike and its cargo bikes

  • The AddBike+ : Easy to store, it is an accessory that allows to transform any bike (electric or not) into a handy and urban scooter. The system is pendular so it does not meet a need for stability (that could have people with reduced mobility for example) but allows a real maneuverability in town. You just have to remove the front wheel of your bike and add the AddBike+ frame on the fork. This accessory alone allows you to carry loads up to 35 kg.

But you can also add to this base the module of your choice: the Carry'Box Kid to transport your child, the Carry'Dog to transport your dog, the Carry'Box to transport your loads. Created to be practical, easy to handle, quick to install and so that you don't have to buy a complete bike. It allows parents who don't have the budget for a complete cargo bike to go ahead with the scooter at a lower cost.

  • The U-Cargo: This is a compact 20 inch electrically assisted midtail family bike. Here, the bike is complete and adapts perfectly to the city, since it is extended at the back for the transport of load. With a payload of 100 kg, the U-cargo ensures the protection and comfort of children with a steel frame, a textile covering from hands to feet as well as protection belts. 

It has several additional features:

- The Easy Start handlebar trigger that allows you to start without pedaling

- The reliable and powerful motor

- The place for a second battery, in case of long journeys

- The Enviolo transmission to shift gears smoothly and without any risk of derailing

- The Switch2Carry which is a textile system at the back that allows to transform in 2 minutes the children's space into an optimized shopping space

All these advantages to make your trips pleasant, safe and accessible to all, even to beginners!

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