• Urban folding bike helmet
    - Bike lighting and warning system -
    Waterproof and secure bike bag and pannier

    For 10 years, Overade has been designing safety and comfort products for urban cyclists, bike commuters, electric scooter riders and all enthusiasts of soft mobility, at the heart of Paris, the city of Vélib'.

    Urban bike helmets, powerful bike lights with brake warning system and remote control for directional flashing, waterproof and inviolable bike bags and panniers are some of the products we are proud to offer to make your urban travels comfortable, pleasant and safer.

Oxi. Bicycle lighting without limits

Highlight (a little, a lot, madly...) your braking and direction changes on your bike. Simply and efficiently!

Oxi is a new range of devices that communicate with each other, without wifi, without bluetooth... and therefore without any "App" to install on your smartphone!

Overade gives you the power of light and your imagination becomes your only limit...


Overade vous donne le pouvoir de la lumière à vélo

The design at Overade

The design of our soft mobility products for bicycles and electric scooters is the guiding principle of each of our developments.

This permanent work on the research of the simplest and most efficient use of our products allows us to obtain a high satisfaction rate from our users, which makes us particularly proud!


Le design au cœur des produits dédiés aux mobilités douces

Your 1st bike commuting guide...

You have decided to ride your bike to work. Congratulations!

But before you become a bicycle commuter, you want to learn more about how to make this new experience as positive as possible.

This guide is designed to help you in your reflection.

Have a good bike tour!


Comment bien vivre son vélotaf

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An Overade product is to offer quality, simplicity, safety, comfort and a touch of magic...


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