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OxiBrake Starter. Brake warning system with lighting for bikes
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OxiBrake Starter. Brake warning system with lighting for bikes


The safety of those who use soft mobility (bicycles, electrically assisted bicycles, electric scooters, etc.) is too serious a matter to be entrusted to products of relative effectiveness.

The OxiLum (lighting system) + OxiBrake (braking detector) combo is a simple and 100% effective solution to immediately warn the users following you of your deceleration so that they can adapt their own speed and thus limit a possible collision.

Our solution is particularly relevant in urban areas, during the day and in limited or no ambient light.


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Finally a really effective brake warning system

Overade innovates and reshuffles the deck with a brake warning system that is finally effective. Indeed, the OxiLum + OxyBrake combo puts an end to brake warning systems that often rely on accelerometers and whose efficiency was rarely there.

Our customers frequently mentioned this problem of reliability of the products on the market. Our technical teams worked on the subject from scratch. And the result is as demanding as Overade's: a simple and highly effective product... Try it!

Oxi a communicating eco-system designed by Overade for more functionality without compromising on simplicity

Oxi is a technical eco-system that allows compatible Overade products to communicate. The two products currently available are OxiLum, the powerful connected light, and OxiBrake, the brake lever that immediately knows when you brake.

New products in the Oxi range are currently being developed to offer you a complete environment dedicated to your comfort and safety when riding your bike, electrically assisted bike (EAB) or electric scooter in the city.

Features of OxiLum light

  • Front or back lighting - 8 lighting modes - up to 100 Lumens (±5%)
  • Lighting mode memory - up to 21 hours of autonomy
  • Visibility: large area and very high visibility over +100m
  • 220° beam angle
  • Integrated reflectors in the central part
  • Waterproof: IP64
  • Weight : 38g
  • Dimensions: 11x3x1cm
  • Battery : rechargeable by micro-USB cable, 460 mAH capacity
  • Recharge time : 2h30

Avertisseur de freinage réellement efficace à destination des cyclistes urbains

How can the OxiLum light communicate with the OxiBrake brake lever?

The synchronisation (pairing) of the brake lever (OxiBrake) with the helmet light (OxiLum) is done in 3 simple steps: 

  1. Press the button on the brake lever for a few seconds until the LEDs flash red and green
  2. Then press and hold the ON/OFF button of the lighting
  3. When it flashes orange, both products are connected

How does brake detection work?

The vast majority of current lighting systems with brake warning lights are based on an accelerometer that detects severe deceleration. After study, it appears that these devices are not very reliable and too often detect, in an erroneous way, slowdowns that are not slowdowns! (passage on cobblestones, potholes...)

The OxiLum helmet light switches on the brake lights as soon as the rider presses the brake handle attached to the OxiBrake sensor. This is a reflex that every cyclist or scooter rider has completely integrated.

OxiBrake thus provides the people following you with 100% reliable information about your behaviour and your deceleration. They can thus anticipate their own speed reduction.


The combination of a brake lever and a bicycle helmet light for safe riding

Overade has designed a smart rear light to make your bike or scooter ride as safe as possible, day or night. Paired with the OxiBrake brake lever, the urban helmet light emits a powerful light in fixed or flash mode.

This braking system is activated when the rider presses the handlebars. An innovative device, because it allows the rider to be secured in a simple and extremely effective way.

Freinez avec votre avertisseur de freinage OxiBrake, aussitôt votre lumière OxiLum s'allume



Braking as easily as with a car

The OxiBrake brake lever fits perfectly on the brake handle of the bike and the electric scooter, making it easy to activate the brake light on the back. 

Just like a car, the OxiBrake brake warning system is activated as soon as the user brakes to slow down. This activates the brake lights in order to give an immediate and reliable warning to those behind you.

This feature helps to maintain the large safety distances that are sometimes the cause of urban accidents between bikes and cars.

Freinez avec votre avertisseur de freinage OxiBrake, aussitôt votre lumière OxiLum s'allume L'avertisseur de freinage OxiLum + OxiBrake est aussi efficace que lorsque vous freinez en voiture

Brake with your OxiBrake Immediately your OxiLum lights up!

... as easily and efficiently as when you brake in a car!


OxiBrake, the most reliable brake detector for your urban travel

Overade offers a brake sensor with a physical pressure sensor. The brake lights of the OxiLum lighting system (to which OxiBrake is coupled) are activated only when the user pulls the brake lever. Overade is the only mobility player to offer this simple and 100% effective functionality.

Solutions that use accelerometers quickly show limitations and all too often generate braking alerts to users who are following you. The alerts you generate, without knowing it, are not really taken into account by drivers.


Suitable for all urban bicycle helmets and modes of transport (EV, electric scooter, monoroue...)

Designed for an urban environment, the OxiLum bicycle helmet light and its OxiBrake brake lever adapt to all types of mobility.

Whether you ride a bike or an electric scooter, the brake lever is easily inserted on any brake lever. If you're a monowheeler, you can simply hold the OxiBrake in the palm of your hand and press down as needed.

Overade also offers an optional bracket, which will allow the light to be mounted on the front and rear of the bike, on a luggage rack or seatpost. The adjustable straps fit all diameters.


Quick and easy pairing and fixing of OxiLum and OxiBrake

The OxiLum light and the OxiBrake brake lever communicate wirelessly. To connect OxiLum (the light) and OxiBrake (the brake detection lever), simply press and hold the light and the brake lever.

Here are the steps to follow to use your braking system:

  1. Connect the two products
  2. Place the brake warning device on the brake handle of your vehicle
  3. Stick the magnetic holder to a flat surface of the helmet or hang the additional holder with the two adjustable straps.
  4. Set the lighting mode to your requirements.
  5. Attach the light to the magnetic holder.

OxiBrake, détecteur de freinage, s'adapte à tous les vélos de course ou de ville OxiBrake s'Installe facilement sur la manette de frein d'un vélo cyclo OxiBrake s'installe tout aussi facilement sur le levier de frein d'une trottinette électrique

The brake sensor is suitable for all bikes

Installation of the brake sensor on a bicycle

Brake sensor fits all electric scooters


OxiBrake Starter user manual

You will find the manual for each of the products in this OxiBrake Starter Pack:

  • The manual for the OxiLum bike light and helmet.
  • The manual for the revolutionary OxiBrake brake sensor that slips onto the brake lever of your bike.

Please note that these two products are sold as a pack and that no pairing is required. The product synchronisation (or pairing) function only needs to be carried out if you acquire new products from the Oxi range in order to include them in your lighting and warning network.

OXILUM User Manual
OXIBRAKE User Manual


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Clignotant ?

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