OxiTurn Deluxe. Bike light with right and left turn signals and brake warning

OxiTurn Deluxe. Bike light with right and left turn signals and brake warning


OxiTurn Deluxe is the most complete security package based on our Oxi technology.

It includes two major functions:

  • A position light with right/left turn signal function that can be controlled by remote control on the handlebars. Indicating changes of direction has never been so easy.
  • A brake warning system that slides onto the brake lever of your bike. As soon as you start braking, the connected light emits a powerful red light to the people following you.

OxiTurn Deluxe has the ability to make your urban cycling more serene!


Prize won at the Eurobike 2023 world bicycle show  
Awarded at Eurobike 2023  


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2 lighting functions

Position light

OxiTurn Deluxe is a red position light that makes you visible in city traffic. 5 different modes are available.


Right/left turn signals

OxiTurn Deluxe offers a second type of lighting: a right & left orange turn signal located at the ends of the lighting. It can be controlled by a remote control on the handlebars.

A reliable brake warning system

The Oxi brake warning system is distinguished by its excellent reliability. It is based on a mechanical detection of the braking unlike similar competing products where the detection of the deceleration is delegated to an accelerometer.

Experience has shown that this electronic device is sensitive to the quality of the road surface and triggers false alarms.

OxiTurn Deluxe, on the other hand, is as reliable as the braking system of a car!


  • OXI compatible product
  • 5 red light modes
  • Up to 21h of autonomy (depending on the lighting mode chosen)
  • Up to 90 Lumens
  • IP64 - Weatherproof
  • Super angle of diffusion of 220°.
  • Compatible with bike and electric scooter
  • Brake sensor and USB rechargeable light
  • Battery powered remote control

OxiTurn Deluxe Eclairage clignotant avec fonction clignotant droit gauche

How to pair the turn signals + the brake warning system with the OxiTurn light?

The OxiTurn Deluxe package comes ready to use. You don't have to do anything to make the light, remote control and brake warning system work together.However, if you purchase other OXI technology products, you will need to perform a synchronization operation. This process is explained in the product documentation.

Does the brake warning system fit all bicycle handlebars?

The brake warning system fits the vast majority of brake levers on urban bikes and electric scooters on the market.

How is the pack supplied with energy?

The light and the brake sensor are equipped with a rechargeable battery via a mini USB port. (USB cable supplied).On the other hand the remote control is powered by a battery.


OxiTurn Deluxe. Bicycle brake warning & direction change indicator. To make your urban travel more serene

Lighting pack OxiTurn Deluxe Remote control for the OxiTurn Deluxe pack OxiTurn Deluxe Package Brake Sensor


Flashing remote control

Brake sensor

Overade offers you its most advanced safety package to cover most of the risks you may face when riding your bike through the city.

OxiTurn Deluxe is the most innovative bike helmet light with turn signal function and brake warning system on the market. This combination product provides increased visibility for cyclists by adding a turn signal to attract the attention of vehicle drivers and a brake warning to inform other cyclists or pedestrians that you are slowing or stopping.

With Overade, the orange (turn signals) and red (positioning and braking) of your lighting become your best allies in making you visible and predictable in city traffic. Your safety increases. Your stress decreases!

You'll appreciate OxiTurn Deluxe even more when you discover that the Oxi technology that powers it allows you to multiply your lighting possibilities in ways you never imagined!

Discover the full potential of OxiTurn Deluxe without further ado.


A bike light with 5 lighting modes to adapt to ambient light conditions

OxiTurn Deluxe offers 5 red lighting modes that allow you to adapt your bicycle helmet lighting to the light conditions and the danger of urban traffic.

In the table below, you will find the 5 proposed lighting modes along with the delivered light power and the associated autonomy.

ModeCoulorPower (Lumens)Autonomy (Hours)
Night steady 9 16
Day steady 35 7,5
Pulse 90 8
Night flash 9 21
Day flash 50 8


OxiTurn Deluxe for bikes. Communicate effectively through light direction changes and braking

Right left turn signal light for bicycle Remote control for veto flashing light Brake sensor for bicycle brake lever




OxiTurn Deluxe is a more modern, stylish and functionally richer version of our BLINXI left/right turn signal light.

The OxiTurn Deluxe bike helmet light with turn signal function and brake warning is an innovative and practical product for cyclists looking for better visibility and safety on the road. It is easy to use, USB rechargeable and waterproof.

It offers a practical solution for riding at night or in low light conditions.

A position light for bicycles

OxiTurn offers 5 red position lighting modes:

  • Night steady
  • Day steady (day 1)
  • Pulse
  • Night flash
  • Day steady (day 2)

A bike light with right/left turn signal function with remote control

OxiTurn Deluxe allows you to indicate your changes of direction in complete safety. A simple press on one of the two buttons (right/left) of the remote control allows you to trigger the associated turn signal with an audible reminder.

With OxiTurn Deluxe, the risk of reaching for your arm to indicate a change of direction on your bike is a thing of the past.

A simple press on the remote control triggers the flashing of your lighting, making you visible during the day and even more so at night!

An integrated bike brake warning system to enforce safety distances

The OxiTurn Deluxe is completed with a bicycle brake warning system, making it one of the most complete safety products on the market. 

When you activate your brake lever with an OxiBrake (silicone device included in the pack and which slides onto your brake lever) to decelerate, an intense red light comes on immediately to warn the road users who are following you. This gives them time to adapt their speed and/or their trajectory.

100% reliable, the brake warning function differs from similar products based on accelerometers whose reliability is too easily compromised (defects in the road, speed reduction, etc.)


Find out how OxiTurn Deluxe can drive additional lighting with Oxi

Light on a bicycle helmet

Light on luggage rack

OxiTurn Deluxe is an Oxi compatible product. This technology makes all products that rely on this technology interoperable up to 50 connected lights! That should be enough for you...

This makes it possible to couple several lights (which will light up simultaneously) to a single remote control (OxiMote) or a single brake warning system (OxiBrake) to increase your visibility.

You want to have a light with a blinker both on the back of your helmet and lower down on the luggage rack. No problem it's Oxi-Possible!
Need a flashing light on the front of your bike at the level of the stem of your bike? That's also Oxi-Possible! 
Want to find out more about Oxi and its limitless possibilities: Visit our Oxi technology presentation page.


Contents of the OxiTurn Deluxe package


The OxiTurn Deluxe package contains the following items: 

  • The OxiTurn light with right/left turn signal function
  • A magnetic support to attach the light to a city helmet. As an option, you can purchase a universal attachment system that allows the light to be attached to a sports bike helmet, seat tube, luggage rack, etc.
  • The OxiMote remote control with 2 buttons and a sound reminder that allows you to control the right and left turn signals
  • The OxiBrake brake detection device that slides onto your brake lever
  • 3 elastic bands of different sizes to fit all handlebars
  • A USB cable to recharge the OxiTurn lighting


OxiTurn Deluxe Documentation

The products that make up the OxiTurn Deluxe Pack are ready to use as soon as they are taken out of their packaging.

The following products just need a charge before use:

  • OxiTurn lighting
  • OxiBrake brake warning system

It is not necessary to pair the products in this pack because the settings have already been made at the factory. Pairing is only necessary if you wish to add a new Oxi device to your lighting network.



By (Nantes, France) on  21 Sept. 2023 (OxiTurn Deluxe. Bike light with right and left turn signals and brake warning) :

Clignotants au top !

Je mets 4 étoiles car le système de freinage n'est malheureusement pas adapté à mon vélo mais j'ai trouvé une autre façon de le fixer.
L'éclairage est très bien avec ses divers modes et l'affichage du freinage est très réactif !
Je les utilise tous les jours pour un trajet d'environ 15 à 20min, en attache sur mon casque (non urbain). La batterie de l'éclairage a tenu une quinzaine de jours.

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By (Le Bono, France) on  11 Sept. 2023 (OxiTurn Deluxe. Bike light with right and left turn signals and brake warning) :

oxiturn clignotants et freinage

Très simple à installer et à manipuler. Les éclairages sont bien visibles, de jours comme de nuit. Je l'utilise depuis 2 semaines, à confirmer sur la durée.

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By (Exmouth, United Kingdom) on  17 Aug. 2023 (OxiTurn Deluxe. Bike light with right and left turn signals and brake warning) :

Great products

The Oxiturn and Oxibrake are working well on my helmet and E bike. Really pleased with them. Instructions were easy to follow. Communication was excellent via email when I asked a question. I would recommend.

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By (Casteau, Belgium) on  28 July 2023 (OxiTurn Deluxe. Bike light with right and left turn signals and brake warning) :

TB mais arrivé avec poignée défectueuse

Il s'agit de mon 2ème achat, le premier étant un OxiBrake accompagné d'une lampe complémentaire. J'en suis très content car la poignée de frein réagi avec une sensibilité correcte et l'allumage du feu stop et immédiat.
J'ai don commandé l'Oxiturn De luxe de façon à pourvoir équiper mon vélo et ma trottinette avec une poignée.
Si la commande des clignoteurs et le module éclairage fonctionnent comme attendu, la poignée est malheureusement arrivée défectueuse. Le temps de faire l'aller-retour pour le remplacement, il me faudra encore attendre 2 semaines pour pouvoir équiper mon vélo.
Sinon, le concept est vraiment super et l'éclairage est suffisamment puissant pour être bien vu même par une journée ensoleillée. Je ne regrette que le contretemps, d'où la perte d'une étoile pour le contrôle qualité déficient.

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By (Palaiseau , France) on  25 July 2023 (OxiTurn Deluxe. Bike light with right and left turn signals and brake warning) :
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