OxiTurn. Bike light with turn signals

OxiTurn. Bike light with turn signals


OxiTurn is a powerful red bike light with 5 lighting modes that makes you highly visible in urban traffic.

OxiTurn also has flashers at its ends to indicate your directional changes in a safe manner. (requires an OxiMote remote for flashing function control. You can also get our OxiTurn Starter pack which includes both products.)




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A powerful bike lighting with left-right turn signal function

OxiTurn is the essential additional bike rear light to secure your journey. If you choose to install OxiTurn on your bike helmet, the high position of the light will make you even more visible in urban traffic. If you add the optional OxiMote remote, you can benefit from the left-right turn signal function of the OxiTurn bike light.

A universal bike lighting

The lighting is compatible with all urban bike helmets. With our universal mount (OxiSupport optional), you can also attach your OxiTurn flashing bike light to sports or mountain bike helmets


  • OXI compatible product
  • 5 red lighting modes
  • Up to 21 hours of battery life (depending on chosen lighting mode)
  • Up to 90 Lumens
  • IP64 - Weather-resistant
  • Super 220° diffusion angle
  • Compatible with bikes and electric scooters

OxiTurn flashing light bicycle helmet

How is the OxiTurn bike light attached?

Attaching the bike helmet light is very quick and easy. You just have to stick the magnetic support on a flat surface on the back of your urban bike helmet.Your OxiTurn light will then clip onto the magnetic support so that it will not move no matter what the road conditions or the paths taken.

Who is the OxiTurn light for?

OxiTurn is the perfect flashing light for all two-wheeled users who want to make their journeys safer thanks to better visibility.Whether you are a mechanical bike, an electric bike, a cargo bike or an electric scooter, the OxiTurn light will increase your visibility day and night.

Does OxiTurn only fit on an urban bike helmet?

OxiTurn fits ALL helmets regardless of their shape. You can easily attach it to a sport bike helmet with large vents with the optional OxiSupportOxiSupport is a complementary accessory to the OxiTurn light. With two flat, flexible straps, it allows you to place your light anywhere on your bike and fits all helmet shapes.

What is the autonomy of OxiTurn?

The OxiTurn bike light has a maximum autonomy of 21 hours depending on the lighting mode chosen.

What energy source powers the OxiTurn?

OxiTurn is equipped with a rechargeable battery via a USB cable.


Be visible, be safe: The importance of lighting with blinkers for urban cyclists

OxiTurn powerful bicycle night light OxiTurn night bike helmet light

Powerful bike light

Removable light for bicycle helmet

Safety is one of the barriers to using a bicycle. Improving the visibility of cyclists and improving the serenity of two-wheeled travel is one of the ways to improve safety. See and anticipate.

The OxiTurn bike light perfectly meets these needs.

See: When used alone, OxiTurn is a powerful red tail light. You will be visible at over 100 meters. Its generous 220° beam angle will also make you visible on the sides, which is useful in urban environments where traffic flows are multiple.

Anticipate: Stretching out your arm to indicate a change of direction can be delicate, particularly in the city where traffic is often dense with significant speed differences between users. The turn signals of the OxiTurn bike light, controlled by a handlebar remote, are then an extremely effective alternative.


Choose the red lighting mode from the 5 options

OxiTurn is the ultimate bike rear light for riding smoothly in the twilight or at night. Its 220° beam angle and maximum power of 90 lumens make it one of the most powerful lighting signals on the market. 

Its red light increases your visibility in urban traffic, significantly reducing the risk of accidents.

Being seen by all road users (pedestrians, drivers, cyclists, motorcyclists...) is the main function of the OxiTurn lighting.

It offers 5 red lighting modes that will allow you to be seen from a distance, at night or when there is fog.

ModeColorBrightness (Lumens)Battery Life (Hours)
Night steady 9 16
Day steady 35 7,5
Pulse 90 8
Night flash 9 21
Day flash 50 8


A bike lighting that can be attached anywhere you need it

OxiTurn removable light easy installation OxiTurn rear light helmet

Light installed at the back of a luggage rack

Light on the back of a bicycle helmet

The OxiTurn bike light offers multiple mounting options.

Sold with a magnetic mount, you can easily install your lighting on your urban bike helmet. The light placed high will then increase your visibility.

In addition to the magnetic mount, there are additional attachment straps (sold separately on our site) that are ideal to attach your lighting where you want it.

The rubber straps, flexible and thin, conform to any diameter. Thanks to this universal mount, you will be able to position the OxiTurn, for example, on the tube of your saddle, at the rear of your rear rack, on your mudguard, but also on any road bike helmet or mountain bike.


You can add as many lights as you consider necessary. (Up to 50!!!)

Indeed, a cargo bike or a longtail can accommodate multiple lights to make other users aware of their large volume!


Maximize the potential of your OxiTurn within the Oxi range

OxiTurn light with turn signals day scooter OxiTurn rear bike light night



The OxiTurn light is part of the Oxi range, a connected network of multiple products that communicate with each other.

In addition to being a red rear light, the OxiTurn can have multiple additional functions if paired with another device from the Oxi technology:

  • It can be equipped with right/left indicators activated by the OxiMote (optional), a remote control placed on the handlebar.
  • The OxiTurn can also become a brake light to warn users following you of your deceleration. To enjoy this feature, simply add an OxiBrake braking sensor (optional). Thus equipped, as soon as you brake, your OxiTurn lighting will diffuse a powerful red light as easily and effectively as with a car brake!



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