The best alternative during strikes

RATP is continuing its strike action and travel is complicated for those who commute to work by metro. As a result, many Parisians are looking for alternatives.

During this period of strikes, travel by bicycle and scooter is exploding. "Almost as many bikes as cars are circulating in Paris," the Paris City Hall noted on Twitter. At the same time, two-wheeler accidents have increased by 40%.

And the profile of those injured varies little. They are people who haven't ridden a bike for a long time, who don't have the right reflexes, the right equipment, who ride without helmet, without light, with small city shoes. A lack of adapted equipment is unforgiving for both cyclists and scooter enthusiasts.

The need to be well-equipped is obvious, and Overade's PLIXI FIT folding helmets will be your best allies. Overade's PLIXI FIT protects you in style while you ride; when you arrive, you fold it in a snap.

If you cycle in the dark, you can also find all the equipment on our website : lights, reflective stickers and bike wheel reflectors.

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