What is Oxi technology?

Oxi. Votre réseau de sécurité pour les mobilités douces


With Oxi, Overade launches a network technology designed to make products interact with each other, via a wireless link.

For greater simplicity of use and reliability, Overade has developed its own communication technology "Oxi" which does not rely on the Bluetooth protocol or WIFI. No application to install on your smartphone and you are neither monitored nor geolocated.


The Oxi range includes 4 interoperable devices: 

OxiLum, a red and white light
OxiTurn, a red light with flashing function
OxiBrake, a brake lever for a brake warning function
OxiMote, a remote control to control the lights with turn function


These devices just need to be "paired" with each other via a so-called "pairing" operation similar to what you regularly do between your smartphone and a Bluetooth speaker or wireless headphones.


Get started with Oxi packs…

To get started in the Oxi world, we have designed starter packs that can be used immediately and that you can upgrade according to your travel security needs :

OxiLum OxiBrake Starter OxiTurn Starter OxiTurn Deluxe
OxiBrake starter. Produit de la gamme Oxi. Avertisseur de freinage Contenu du pack Oxi Brake Starter OxiBrake starter. Produit de la gamme Oxi. Avertisseur de freinage OxiBrake starter. Produit de la gamme Oxi. Avertisseur de freinage
Red Light modes 5 5 5 5
White Light modes 3 3 - -
Maximum autonomy 20H 20H 20H 20H
Maximum power 100 Lumens 100 Lumens 90 Lumens 90 Lumens
Turn light function NO NO YES YES
Headlight call function NOT INCLUDED * YES NO NO
Price (incl. VAT) 49€ 79€ 59€ 89€


NOT INCLUDED* : Add an OxiBrake to benefit from the function

NOT INCLUDED** : Universal attachment kit sold separately



OxiLum : A powerful light with 8 modes (4 white front lights and 5 red rear lights)  


OxiBrake starter - Brake detector : Finally a simple and effective brake detector that can be installed on the brake handle of your bike or scooter to alert the users who follow you of your deceleration thanks to a powerful light (OxiLum light)


OxiTurn Starter - Light with remote-controlled flashing function : Control of a light that can be installed on an urban bike helmet or anywhere on your bike or e-scooter.


OxiTurn Deluxe : A complete starter pack to warn users when you change direction and brake. 

Turn light and bike brake warning:
play the complementarity

Our OxiTurn Deluxe pack is the most complete starter pack. 


Unpack and install your remote control (OxiMote), your brake warning system (OxiBrake) and your connected light (OxiTurn). With the products already paired at the factory, you are ready to warn other road users that you are about to turn Turn at the next intersection. A few moments later, when you start braking, the red stop light Brake warning of your light will come on to warn the users who are following you.


Thanks to Oxi technology, you can add as many turn lights (OxiTurn) or positioning lights (OxiLum) as you like and activate them with your OxiMote remote control and the OxiBrake brake warning system.


Enrich your Oxi packs to easily design YOUR product mix

Enrichissez de votre réseau OXI pour vélo et trottinette électrique


Simple and scalable, Oxi technology brings interoperability to the field of bicycle and electric scooter accessories. You will be able to use as many lights as you want and pair them with the remote controls and brake alarms of your choice.


This configurator will help you choose the combination of Oxi products that meets your needs:

configurateur oxi

Multiply the bike lights to remain visible in all configurations

Thanks to Oxi technology, you can add up to 50 OxiLum lights coupled to a single brake lever for example. This will make it clear to the vehicle that is following you too closely that you are braking!


But before reaching 50 lights, you will already be satisfied to be able to use two of them: One light on the back of your urban bike helmet and another light on the back of the luggage rack of your bike or EAB for example.


The possibility of adding additional lighting is also interesting in the case of cargo bikes, longtail bikes or even delivery tricycles. The unusual volume of these vehicles requires additional lighting in order to remain as visible as possible.


Install your lights exactly where you need them

Support éclairage OxiLum sur potence de vélo Système d'attache d'éclairage OxiLum pour porte-bagages vélo Eclairage pour casque vélo OxiLum avec son système d'accroche breveté

Bicycle stem attachment

Luggage rack attachment

Helmet attachment


All our flashing lights (OxiTurn) or positioning lights (OxiLum) are delivered with a patented fastener comprising a metal plate designed to be glued to urban bicycle helmets. This mechanical and magnetic fastener effectively holds the light on the helmet while allowing it to be easily removed for recharging.



And since you are free to multiply the lights, we offer an optional universal attachment kit that allows you to attach our lights anywhere :

  • on your bike (handlebars, seat tube, luggage rack)
  • on an electric scooter (handlebars, head tube)
  • on a helmet with air vents (front or back)