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Blinxi is a lighting system with right / left turn signals activated via a remote control that can be installed on any handlebars (bikes or scooters). With Blinxi, you will be much more visible and will be able to indicate your direction to other drivers, greatly improving your safety.


To meet the needs of urban cyclists and scooter users who already have their own helmet, we wanted to make our product as universal as possible. Once you install the Blinxi light on your own helmet, you can use it without any problem. Obviously, Blinxi adapts perfectly to our Plixi helmet and does not prevent it from folding.


Elegant with a very fine design (<1cm), Blinxi is made for the city. Thanks to its patented magnetic fastening system, Blinxi can easily be removed to be recharged with a micro-USB cable when necessary.


- Visibility :100m

- Battery : USB rechargeable

- Autonomy: 5h in fixed mode, 10h in flashing mode, + 24h in day mode

- 3 Lightning Modes : flashing, steady or day mode

- Sound reminder

- Versatility: compatible with Plixi and most urban helmetst

- Waterproof : waterproof case

- Dimensions : 12 x 3 x 1 cm

- Weight : 35g

- Start-up indicator

- Download blinxi manual.

Issue with bike lights is that they are located too low (under the saddle) to offer a good visibility. It’s even worse for e-scooter lights ! With our helmet light being located very high, you’ll be much more visible from car drivers.

avec et sans blinxi

Another issue is how to safely indicate your direction? Raising an arm is clearly hazardous, especially when riding e-scooters. With BLINXI, you’ll just have to press the remote control.

indiquez la direction

As helmet manufacturers, we know that any addons on helmets can potentially create dangerous neck twists in case of accident.


This is why we have designed an ultra-thin helmet light to improve safety.


BLINXI is made for all commuters. Cyclists, e-scooter users, one-wheel riders, skateboarders, ... Wether they are moving daytime or night time, BLINXI will be a must have for them.


Our device is versatil : no need to buy a new helmet to use it, because it fits most of urban helmet. And in case you’re the lucky owner of our PLIXI foldable helmet, BLINXI won’t prevent you from folding it !



BLINXI is super easy to use, a « plug and play » device with no app to download.


STEP 1 :

fix the device on the helmet mount


STEP 2 :

select your lightning mode


STEP 3 :

use the remote control to activate turn signals


3 lightning modes are available : flashing mode, steady mode, daytime mode. Turn signals are always active in each mode.


Flashing mode


Steady mode


Daytime mode

To help you know that a turn signal is currently flashing, an audio reminder is included beeping at the same time.


With the possibility of using 1 or 2 elastic straps, the remote control can be attached to any handlebar in many positions.


Fixing the remote with ONE elastic strap


Fixing the remote with TWO elastic straps

BLINXI has a running time of 10 hours in flashing mode. When battery has to be recharged, a red light is visible close to the ON/OFF button. When charging, this red light is flashing and then turns green once fully charged.


The magnetic fastening of the device permits to easily remove it from a helmet if necessary, especially when it needs to be recharged.


The patent design of the mount prevents unexpected dropout thanks to combination of a magnetic fastening with a mechanical attachment.

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By (Barcelona, Spain) on 26 Oct. 2020 (Blinxi) :
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By (Pessac, France) on 22 Oct. 2020 (Blinxi) :


Design et qualité. Pose et maintien sur le casque sans problèmes.

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By (Bruges, France) on 16 Oct. 2020 (Blinxi) :


Je ne conseille pas. Cet éclairage est beaucoup trop chère pour le peu de fonctionnalité qu'il propose. Cosmo connected m'a l'air plus sérieux. Pour l'avoir testé j'ai remarqué que les clignotants fonctionnent très mal. Quand j'appuis sur la télécommande il arrive que les clignotants ne s'allument pas.
Le seul point positif que j'ai trouvé c'est qu'il se fixe facilement. Depuis que je les, il n'est jamais jamais tombé. Il faudrait aussi améliorer les clignotants en plein jour, je suis en trottinette électrique et donc je ne peux pas me permettre de lâcher le guidon.
J'ai des amis qui m'ont clairement dit qu'enfaite mes lumières sont invisibles en plein jour. J'aimerais aussi revenir sur le fonctionnement du clignotant, j'ai remarqué qu'il s'arrête tout seul parfois. Après quelques secondes le clignotant disparait, super dangereux sur un giratoire quand même. Enfaite cet appareil permet de prévenir seulement 5sec avant de tourner. Je ne suis pas surpris d'être le seul a donné mon avis. J'imagine que votre produit c'est vraiment mal vendu. On dirait plus un prototype qu'un produit finalisé. A corriger. Je peux pas mettre 0, dommage pour moi.
La personne qui a conçu ce prototype ne l'a jamais utilisé en condition réel sinon il serait revenu en arrière. Vous faites honte au made in France.

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